Class Revision Online Educational Project

Meeting the Objectives

1. At a very small cost, with very little additional effort, technology is being used to reduce stress at parental levels.
2. Transparent mode of informing the parents WHAT HAS BEEN TAUGHT IN CLASS.

3. Opportunity to even demonstrate HOW IT HAS BEEN TAUGHT IN CLASS.
4. Additional inputs in the form of multimedia depiction/helpaids to conceptualise what has been taught.
5. Homework assignments easily transmitted in full knowledge of Parents.
6. Practice makes perfect is implemented with multiple self assignments requiring no additional time or effort of the Teacher.
7. Technology helps in summarising which areas need additional revision both from the point of student on a micro level and from the teacher from a macro level.
8. Discrete yet auditable communication channel between parents and school authorities.
9. Learning Tools to encourage students to develop course content on their own or in groups.
10. Seamless interface between students as a class and their Teacher in the form of an online Chat Room.


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