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Research indicates that current family sizes,limited support from family elders,double income and general economic pressures create a very high amount of stress in the lives of parents. This stress often manifests itself in the behaviour of the children whether due to peer pressure,inaptitude of parents in bringing the child up or simply neglect. Small children often to do not follow or write down completely the class work leading to additional pressure on the teacher(who may have to be extra vigilant),the parent(who form their own study circle and borrow exercise copies) and finally the student who is made to feel inadequate due to peer pressure. Class sizes are large and therefore opportunity for individual attention is very limited.

Our Objectives

What Has Been Taught In Class
Transparent mode of informing the parents

Additional inputs in the form of multimedia depiction / helpaids to conceptualise what has been taught.

Communication Channel
Discrete yet auditable communication channel between parents and school authorities.
Homework Assignments
Homework assignments easily transmitted in full knowledge of Parents.

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